Business Operation

  • Feng Ge, MBA

    President, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group Chief Executive Officer, Jiahui Health Managing Partner, Trustbridge Partners

    Mr. Ge is the CEO of Jiahui Health, President of Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group (JMRE), and the Managing Partner of Trustbridge Partners, the controlling shareholder of Carebridge Holdings. Carebridge Holdings is a parent entity of the healthcare ecosystem that includes JMRE, Jiahui International Hospital and its ambulatory clinics. Prior to joining Trustbridge in November 2010, Mr. Ge was a Managing Director at Columbia Investment Management Company ('CIMC') where he was instrumental in developing the endowment fund’s overall risk and asset allocation process and global strategy development.Mr. Ge received his MBA from Vanderbilt University in 2003 with highest distinction. He also has a MS in Civil Engineering from Duke University, a BS in Engineering and BA in Economics from Tsinghua University.

  • Paula Li, Ph.D

    General Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group General Manager, NEJM医学前沿

    Dr.Li is responsible for the overall strategic planning, business development and business operation of JMRE, including coordinating with the NEJM business unit, establishing meaningful institutional collaborations as well as sponsor partnerships. She was previously an investment manager at China Development Bank with 10+ years’ experience in international project management. Dr. Li obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Business & Finance from the University of Manchester and a PhD from Fudan University School of Law.

  • Victoria Xu, MBA

    Business Development Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group

    Victoria is responsible for JMRE group’s cooperation with foundations, associations and NGOs, to provide advancing medical information and education service to more clinical professionals effectively and easily. In the past,Victoria has worked at DeltaHealth on philanthropy projects such as rare disease patient care and primary doctors’ training,as well serviced at Honeywell China on corporate procurement and administration. Victoria owns bachelor degree of food science and technology from JiangNan University and MBA degree from Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (Germany).


Content Creation

  • Jianfei Zhao, Ph.D

    Deputy Editor, NEJM医学前沿

    Dr. Zhao joined Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group in June 2016,as the deputy editor of NEJM医学前沿. He is responsible for the daily operation of the digital platform,including content operation, clinical research and publishing training. Previously, he was a scientific editor at Nature Communications, Nature Publishing Group (NPG), managing the evaluation and review of manuscripts in biology, focusing on epigenetics, submitted around the world. As the first biology editor of NPG working in China, he fostered close relationships with the life sciences community in China. He obtained a B.Sc in Peking University, and a Ph.D. in University of Oregon, the United States. His postdoctoral training in the US National Cancer Institute is centered on the epigenetic regulation of gene expression.

  • Daisy Chen

    Content Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group

    Daisy is the content manager of JMRE. She once worked in Shanghai Changhai Hospital and Shanghai ‘Yixuejie’ media. In her career as a medical editor, Daisy is a former deputy editor in chief of The Endocrinology channel of Yixuejie and editor of the Chinese Surgical Yearbook. She got Master of Science degree from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.

  • Yun Chen

    Content Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group

    Yun is content manager at JMRE, responsible for operation, development and strategic planning of medical educational content. She used to work in the Center for STD and AIDS Prevention and Control of The China Center of Disease Control and Prevention. And she previously serves as media director of the medical Internet company DXY. Yun holds a Bachelor of Public Health degree and a Master of Epidemiology and Health Statistics.


Advisory Committee

  • Rui-Ping Xiao, Ph.D

    Managing Editor, NEJM医学前沿 Associate Editor, New England Journal of Medicine(NEJM) Director, Institute of Molecular of Medicine, Peking University

    Dr. Rui-Ping Xiao is the Associate Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, the Director of Institute of Molecular of Medicine (IMM) at Peking University and the Peking University Chair Professor. Dr. Xiao’s research has been focused on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, with a major emphasis on a translational approach to take bench discoveries into clinically relevant situations. Ongoing research directions include signaling pathways involved in metabolic syndrome and associated cardiovascular complications. Currently, Dr. Xiao serves as a Council Member of the International Society of Heart Research and an Editorial Board Member of multiple international top journals.

  • Jiping Wang, Ph.D

    Deputy Editor, NEJM医学前沿 Division of Surgical Oncology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

    Dr. Wang is the Associate Director of Hepatobilliary Cancer Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He received his PhD training in Biostatistics at University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Wang obtained the surgical resident training at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Fineberg Fellowship training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.Dr. Wang practices oncologic surgery with the focus on minimally invasive cancer surgery for gastrointestinal malignancies. His research focuses on identification of tumor markers for cancer screening, monitoring treatment effect and prognosis; development of algorithms and/or scoring systems to guide clinical oncology research and practice, and clinical trials for cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Wang has been involving in cancer researches for over 15 years. His research in oncology has received many national level awards ASCO and ACS.

  • Andrew X.Zhu, M.D, Ph.D

    Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School Director of Jiahui International Cancer Center

    Dr. Zhu is an internationally recognized leader in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma, has served as a principle investigator in many pivotal clinical trials in HCC, cholangiocarcinoma and other gastrointestinal cancers.During his tenure as director of Liver Cancer Research at the Mass General Cancer Center, Andrew X. Zhu led a series of pivotal clinical studies in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma (BTC). He led the pivotal studies which led to the regulatory approval of pembrolizumab and ramucirumab in advanced HCC,the phase III trial of first IDH-1 inhibitor Ivosidenib in cholangiocarcinoma with IDH-1 mutations, which has met the primary endpoint.

  • Tibor Kovacs, M.D, Ph.D, FRCS, FEBS

    Chief of Breast Surgery, Medical Director of Breast Health Program, Jiahui Health President, European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)

    Dr. Tibor Kovacs is a European Board Certified Surgical Oncologist and Breast Cancer Surgeon, specialized in breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, complex oncoplastic breast conservation techniques, immediate breast reconstruction and risk reduction surgery for high familial risk patients. Prior to joining Jiahui Health, Dr. Kovacs has worked at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Breast Unit in London.Dr. Kovacs has been involved in exploring and trialing novel techniques for identification and localization of non- palpable breast lesions with the scope of better patient journey, more precise localization. These techniques aim to reduce the re-operation rates for involved surgical margins and also to offer better patient satisfaction. Moreover, Dr. KOVACS is President of the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) for 2018-2020, Chair and founder of the ESSO Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Course, Faculty on several prestigious International Breast Surgery masterclasses and workshops, Examiner for the European Board of Surgery Qualification in Breast Surgery since 2010, Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and Chair of BRESO the European Breast Surgical Oncologist certification project.


Institutional Cooperation

  • Yiting Liu

    Marketing Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group

    Yiting Liu joined Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group in October 2016. She is responsible for the brand strategy and marketing. Prior to joining JMRE, she was a former project manager in international academic collaboration at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and content editor at Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Channel in London. She obtained a B.A in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a MSc in London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).

  • Steve Qian

    Institutional Partnerships Manager, Jiahui Medical Research and Education Group

    Steve Qian is responsible for partnering with medical schools, hospitals, research institutes and companies through professional solutions including clinical research training, academic conferences, essay selections, advertisement and other custom solutions. Steve once worked for Nature Research and focused on online library subscription business for China universities and institutes, as well as professional solutions to scientific companies in the area of Greater China.

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